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8 year NBA Veteran, Chicago born and raised and has strong Chicago sports connection and community drive with camps and community projects. Bynum joined forces with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, to put a bill into effect to have children in Illinois sign a “pledge” to not partake in violence. The Norm Van Lier Non-Violence pledge, which coincided with Governor Pat Quinn personally signing legislation to implement a new anti-violence task force. The task force was comprised of six members, with one appointment made by the President of the Senate, one made by the Minority Leader of the Senate, one by the Speaker of the House and one by the Minority Leader of the House, with the remaining two being appointed by the Governor. The anti-violence law went into effect immediately after sigining in Chicago. Will Bynum’s passion is with children, community and basketball.

Bynum played for Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, China, and Turkey basketball clubs. Bynum was added to The Big 3 Bivouac as a co-captain of the team for 2019. Bynum attended the University of Arizona and later, Georgia Tech. Bynum led the yellow jackets, breaking their scoring record in the ACC tournament and becoming one of their top-scorers over the last two decades.Bynum was undrafted in the 2005 NBA draft and ended up going between overseas and the NBA until 2008, where he landed with the Detroit Pistons and spent a majority of his career.

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