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Reach I Teach! Foundation

Bynum is making strides within the community with his non-profit organization, Reach I Teach! The foundation’s goal is to help each man, woman, or child reach their next potential in life. The foundation’s mission has created a national movement called “Reach and Pay it Forward” across the U.S. which has helped several homeless shelters. The foundation continues its mission by empowering men, women, and children to reach their next stage in life. Reach I Teach has assisted with homeless shelter needs, back to school drives, Christmas gifts for those in need, and basketball development camps enriched with leadership and educational components. The goal is to assist with changing the lives of one million people under the motto, “Each one, teach one”

Reach and Pay it Forward

“Reach and Pay it Forward” is a yearlong initiative, in which Will Bynum, through his ReachITeach foundation, “reaches” to help an organization in need and then another person follows suit and “reaches” to pay it forward to the next shelter.

Our Mission & Approach

The goal is to help as many homeless and battered women shelters across the United States–one person, foundation, or organization at a time. Join Bynum’s cause by becoming a difference maker in your community, by bringing “Reach and Pay it Forward” to a shelter near you. This initiative branches out from Bynum’s ReachITeach! Foundation, whose mission is to help all people –women, children and men, reach their fullest potential in life.

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