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While searching for a qualified visitation monitor for your children, it is important to know that the basic hours or training necessary to become “qualified” as a professional Monitor is not enough to assure the best situation for your family. Mandatory training in the CRC 5.20 (Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation) .The mission of CASVSP as a statewide association of professionals in California is to represent, assist, promote, and support the delivery of supervised visitation services through quality leadership, training, collaborative partnerships, and compliance with professional standards of conduct and best practices.

The monitor will be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone on a visit, therefore, their education and experience, along with the proper training is of the utmost importance.

Further, the professional supervised visitation monitor will be producing the notes and reports for your case. The monitor must be neutral in their interactions and reporting, while keeping detailed and accurate records of all interactions.
The monitor must also have writing skills, which affords them the ability to produce professional reports to the court.
A monitor who possesses experience with diverse types of cases, a college degree, proper CRC 5.20 training, continuing education, and dedication to children and families, will help ensure safety.

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